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Our Mission

A little about who we are and why we're here.

Every day more and more books are being published, and for a voracious book lover, it’s a difficult task knowing where to start. It’s frustrating to sit down with a book and realize, after many pages in, that it’s just not worth it. You want to know where you should invest, not just your money, but also your time.

Here at Knocking Books, we’re willing to help. We read and review with a level of honesty that would have Simon Cowell gasping with shock. Clear, concise and to the point. We will Stan where Stanning is merited, and we will snatch wigs where wigs should be snatched.

We have a knack for knowing exactly what every particular reader is looking for. We’re more than happy to rummage through the good, the bad and the ugly in order to bring readers everywhere the inside scoop–what they should lean heavily into and what they should keep far, far away from.