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Memoir Book Reviews

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Elton John Candidly Dazzles with One and Only Autobiography, ‘Me’
Reviewed By Maria Chance Jun 30th, 2020 7:33 pm

Few artists can boast a repertoire quite like Sir Elton John’s, one that fills his prolific autobiography from cover to cover, one that would leave hardly any room for breath if it were verbally narrated. Me is replete with anecdotes spanning a career that started with his love for blues and rock and roll at a young age. True to Elton John’s character, he gets candid and talks about every event in his life, the good and the bad, with equal abandon. Never one to mince words, Elton John takes us t...

Jedidiah Jenkins Bikes from Oregon to Patagonia in Search for Answers in ‘To Shake the Sleeping Self’
Reviewed By Maria Chance Oct 4th, 2020 7:22 pm

If discontent is your disease, travel is medicine. -- Jedidiah Jenkins Struck by the proverbial quarter-life crisis, Jedidiah Jenkins sets off on a journey from Oregon to Patagonia to find … something – he’s not quite sure what, he just knows he needs to go find it. After a year and a half of slowly making his way down to the southern tip of South America on a bike, Jenkins compiles all his memories and experiences into an insightful memoir, To Shake the Sleeping Self. In his very first paragr...

Ariella Elovic’s ‘Cheeky: A Head-to-Toe Memoir’ Will Inspire Women to See Their Bodies in a Different Light
Reviewed By Maria Chance Jun 9th, 2022 12:29 am

Ariella Elovic is an artist, blogger and now, with the publication of her debut, Cheeky: A Head-to-Toe Memoir, she can add author to her resume. At the base of her journey of achievements rests her determination to love her body in a way few women have ever done before. What started as a project on Instagram, where she shared fascinating musings about her experience being a woman, alongside pictures of her quirky art, has now materialized into a graphic autobiography, filled with page after page...

Courtney Cook Bravely Punctures Society’s Preconceived Notions of Life with BPD in her Graphic Memoir, ‘The Way She Feels’
Reviewed By Maria Chance Jul 10th, 2022 3:16 am

In The Way She Feels, Courtney Cook shares her greatest vulnerabilities about living with borderline personality disorder. A mental illness that’s not well-understood and difficult to diagnose before the age of 18, Cook realizes how very little awareness there is out there about the reality of living with BPD. Her aim with this graphic memoir is to enlighten minds and give other sufferers a place to turn to for support. Cook takes us back to her younger years when the first signs of BPD began to...

With Her Moving Memoir ‘Love Is An Ex-Country,’ Randa Jarrar Overcomes Oppression In Its Many Forms
Reviewed By Maria Chance Jul 14th, 2022 5:04 pm

In Love Is An Ex-Country, Randa Jarrar takes us along on a journey as she shows us glimpses of her life. Born in the United States to refugee, Palestinian parents, Jarrar faced racism in one of the oddest ways: because she is white-passing, white people try involving her in their racist ideologies. Thus, she’s had the unique experience of witnessing racism, from the outside and from within. Though systemic racism is a prominent topic throughout her memoir, Jarrar also goes into harrowing detail...