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Books written by Andie J. Christopher

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Andie J. Christopher’s ‘Hot Under His Collar’ Will Have You Eagerly Booking a One-way Trip to Hell in First Class
Reviewed By Maria Chance May 31st, 2021 8:57 pm

He hated himself for how she pulled his intention. For years, everything had been tugged in the direction of God and duty and church. Now, it was only Sasha. He worshipped at the altar of the dimple in her left cheek, prayed novenas to the curve of her mouth. Her angelic visage was his North Star, and frankly, it was fucked up.” — Andie J. Christopher, Hot Under His Collar Two things helped me decide I wanted to read Andie J. Christopher’s latest book when I saw it sitting there in all its bla...

Andie J. Christopher's Latest Novel, 'Thank You, Next,' Balances Introspection and Self-Work with Humor and Lightheartedness
Reviewed By Maria Chance Jul 11th, 2022 2:07 pm

Alex Turner is single and happy...ish. She’s a bad-ass divorce attorney who doesn’t need a relationship to define her. She’s a self-made woman, with an awesome support group. She knows what she wants and when that doesn’t please her anymore, she has no qualms about walking away. And yet. All it takes is seeing her ex-boyfriend’s fiancée picking out her dress on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress to send her spiraling into a well of self-doubt. A quick Facebook stalking reveals that she was the last pers...